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Online marketing (SEO, PPC, social marketing) 
Having a new website designed for you is like buying a car. It is certainly worthwhile choosing carefully. By thinking hard and getting the details right, later on you can properly enjoy your new gadget. But what good is a car if you cannot drive? or if you forget to buy petrol as well? The same applies to websites.

If you do not have enough traffic and you do not know how to work with it, your new toy is only for personal gratification.
Our services do not therefore end with launching the new website. We also focus on activities that bring users to the website and, once there, help them navigate around so that users turn into customers.

Keep in mind that on-line marketing is not magic. A website does not start earning money with the wave of a magic wand. Long-term and continuous work is essential. However, there are many options available and thanks to our broad-based team we can apply many them on your behalf using our own resources.

  • preparation of texts that sell
  • search engine optimization (SEO)
  • set-up and evaluation of newsletters
  • set-up and administration of PPC campaigns
  • creation and placement of PR articles
  • management of social networking

Online marketing

Online marketing and email marketing is the perfect tool especially for SMEs. Even companies with limited advertising budgets can get great results and secure new business. The main pros of online marketing include the fact that campaigns can be launched for very little money. Plus, you can address a very specific audience and precisely evaluate your campaigns. These are the reasons why more and more companies prefer internet marketing to conventional forms of advertising.

E-mail marketing

E-mail marketing is a rapidly growing form of marketing. Of course, we are not talking about unsolicited mail! This form of promotion is absolutely pointless and is destined to scare potential customers away. On the other hand, legitimate e-mail marketing is a highly effective way to increase revenue. Research shows that e-mail marketing is the most effective type of online marketing activity; users approached this way are the most common buyers. It is therefore important to keep and continuously update a database of contacts, to maintain a close relationship and communicate with them via visually attractive and professionally compiled newsletters. We have years of experience with e-mail marketing, and we can show you how to do it right!

Facebook marketing

Marketing on Facebook is the most important element of social network marketing. Social networks have recently become a key feature of many people’s lives, and companies have to be able to respond to this trend. The marketing potential of Facebook is gigantic. It allows you to target a very specific target group – based on its members' addresses, education or the hobbies defined in each user's profile. That said, Facebook’s complicated rules must be obeyed - so do not hesitate to contact experts. We will gladly create for you a professional and customised profile, attract fans and followers and fine tune your advertising campaigns. Earn money with us thanks to Facebook marketing!