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UX design, prototyping and the creation of wireframes
We create functional web prototypes (wireframes) based on the Client's business requirements. Not sure how to go about commissioning a complicated project so that the result meets your expectations? We will help you. We will find the optimal solution and prepare the technical documentation which may become the basis for a tender to get the work implemented. This will save you significant development costs.
We will help you define the precise objectives of the project. Then, we will look for the exact means by which to achieve them. We place these into the web model. We look at the problem from a multidisciplinary perspective – the prototype is prepared right from the start with an eye towards the future graphic design, usability by the visitor as well as the operator, search engine optimization and other types of on-line marketing.
We also offer user testing, either as part of a project or separately. Within the technical instructions, you will receive from us test scenarios for implementation, which will help you check the delivered solution. We have extensive experience with the UX design and prototyping. We can handle large projects thanks to our broad-based team.  

UX design, prototyping and wireframe creation

We offer the creation of functional website prototypes (wireframes) based upon the client's requirements and business tasks. Should you choose to have the project implemented on the Kentico CMS, we can deliver technical documentation and have the project broken down into individual tasks. We recommend that user testing be carried out as part of the process; we can carry out basic UX tests ourselves. 

UX design

UX design is a modern approach towards website creation. Often, unfortunately, it is just a hollow buzzword without any real meaning. In our case, however, “UX design” has solid content: it means we pay considerable attention to the preparatory stage of the project. Based upon the initial business assignment, we create a wireframe (functional model) which is subsequently subject to user testing. The purpose of user testing is to make sure the website is accessible and usable with regard to the goals defined in cooperation with the client at the project outset.

UX designer

UX designers participate in nearly all projects. The services of a UX designer are particularly needed at the preparation and prototyping stage, but also during the stage of user testing which is carried out for most projects. We eliminate the weaknesses and enhance the strengths of individual solutions. We have extensive experience with UX design and prototyping, and our broad-based team of professionals can handle even large projects. Our UX designers frequently work with several of the clients' teams, who take part in the project and bring with them lists of requirements covering every aspect of a project.