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We offer a sample of the logos we have created for our clients. All logos are being actively used by the companies concerned.
Logo and corporate identity
The logo is the fundamental graphical element of an organization. It is the centrepiece of the whole visual identity and the key element in communicating with the public. A company is remembered by its logo. It should therefore be simple, original and striking. It should also reflect the philosophy of the organization. 
We also focus on the visual identity of the company. We deliver a design manual. In the design manual we define the use of the logo, its permitted and prohibited variants, as well as the associated font. We design the basic presentation materials - usually a business card, folder, brochure, letterhead and stamp. Other products can of course be delivered as required.
  • Our logos are stylish
  • More heads – more ideas
  • We deliver design manuals
  • We design basic presentation materials
  • We can also handle even limited budgets

Creating a logo and corporate identity

We offer the creation of your logo and corporate identity. Our logos are smart, original and memorable. Ask us to design your logo and you will stand out from your competitors. Having a memorable and easily identifiable logo is exactly what every business requires. At the same time, it should express the philosophy of the company it represents.

Corporate image and identity

We can design the entire corporate identity of your company. Especially in today’s saturated market, a strong, well-designed corporate identity is particularly important to differentiate you from the competition. You will also demonstrate your commitment to quality – a company that puts thought into its image will generally take the same good care of its customers. Do not underestimate the importance of your company's corporate image!

Corporate design

Comprehensive corporate design begins with a logo, but it encompasses numerous other elements. Of particular importance is the design manual, which specifies the use of the logo and its colour versions. 

In addition, it is good to define supplementary graphic elements with the aid of a logo manual, as well as all other presentation materials such as a website, printed materials, and including employee uniforms, car design or on-site signage (offices, factories).

Logo defines the company

What company today would be able to achieve pre-eminence and capture the public imagination without a memorable and timeless logo? The creation of a logo should never be underestimated. Entrust the task to the skilled graphic designers from PUXdesign. They have years of experience designing and creating high-quality logos.

For every logo - a logo manual

The company's entire visual style is based upon the new logo, i.e. all its additional graphic elements and products, e.g. business cards, stamps, letterhead stationery, folders or promotional gift items. A logo manual ensures that all products are harmonised in the same spirit, based upon the company's logo and its colours. Your company’s image will be presented to the outside world as unified and professional.

How a logo is created

The logo is created in several steps. The process is not at all time consuming for the client. That said, we recommend that the client pay extra attention to their logo, so that it is truly representative and long-lasting. 
If you underestimate the creation of the logo, you run the risk of disenchantment after a few years and having to go through the same process again. Not only would it be expensive to reproduce all the company’s materials, but it would take your customers some time to get used to the new design.

The initial stage of the creation of a logo consists in determining the target group, the main attributes of the offer and the impression you want the brand to make. Then, hand-drawn and subsequently computer-drawn sketches are submitted. Several designers are asked to submit a variety of ideas so the client has a range to choose from. Following discussions with the client, the various ideas are narrowed down and we produce the chosen idea in its final form. A suitable typeface is selected which complements the logo, and the project is handed over in the form of a logo manual.

Logo design

Several versions of your logo are designed: against a light/dark background, 2D and 3D, full-colour as well as black and white. A design manual stipulating rules for use of the logo is also prepared. Thanks to a logo designed by PUXdesign, you will be visible at any time or place, even in today’s world where countless company adverts greet us at every step.