YSoft / enterprise
For the extraordinarily dynamic company Y Soft, we carried out the comprehensive delivery of a B2B portal for communication with business partners whosell Y Soft services.
Enterprise solutions for large projects
"Enterprise" is the most powerful solution for websites with high traffic and complex logic. It is suitable for large portals, corporate websites as well as for large on-line stores. It enables connection to any existing ERP solution. Do you have your own complex information, warehouse or booking system?

We can provide a high-quality imaging layer. We place great emphasis on the design, clarity and usability of the solution. We achieve this through high-quality prototyping.
We have a large team of experts, which includes a UX designer, graphics specialists, programmers, coders, SEO consultants and copywriters. We are therefore able to manage complex projects that including planning, consulting and management.

We implement a Kentico platform offering extensive possibilities and a strong foundation for large corporations. It is a modular system with a wide portfolio of functions, ranging from imaging layers to fully self-contained solutions with their own databases on multiple servers.
  • strong foundation for on-line marketing and remarketing
  • on-site editing
  • convenient staging environment
  • management of editors
  • user customization of content
  • workflow processes
  • e-commerce module
  • entering into the system - with rights for editors' work insidethe system
  • blogs, forums, groups
  • pre-prepared integration layer

Corporate website and internet portal

We offer the creation of a corporate website or portal, i.e. a large-scale website combining considerable information for expected large target groups. The structure of information is usually very extensive, with text and AV data needing to be frequently updated. Internet portals are commonly used by municipalities to provide information to their citizens, or non-profit organisations or large corporations to communicate with a broad spectrum of target groups. We can also create for you a news portal or larger weblog.

Management of information on a corporate website or internet portal

Corporate websites and internet portals commonly carry a huge quantity of information and data. 

It is important therefore that they be organised and made accessible to visitors. In addition, a portal should be user-friendly,i.e. it should allow visitors to find their way around and get the information they need as fast as possible. Examples include being able to quickly find the opening hours of a swimming pool on a municipal website, or the general terms and conditions of particular services offered by a company.

Corporate websites and internet portals run on Kentico CMS or EMS

Corporate websites and internet portals are built on the Kentico content management system using an editing system with extensive support for large-scale information solutions. Two versions are available: CMS or EMS. Thanks to a strong core and the continuous development of this system, we can have your portal up and running quickly, complete with all functionalities. Information can be sought and filtered effectively on the portal. Examples include the internet portal of the Tourist and Information Centre of the City of Brno, launched in 2011 (visit www.ticbrno.cz).

Easy-to-edit corporate websites and internet portals

Content management of a corporate website or internet portal from our company is easy. The layout of the CM system resembles that of Microsoft Word, which means anyone who regularly uses computers will find the system user-friendly. It is clearly organised, intuitive and editors quickly learn to work with it. Our introductory lessons make it all the easier. Administering the portal can be shared between several editors – thanks to the so-called ‘workflow process’ (individual editors are assigned their respective sections of the portal and their work can be monitored effectively).

Connectivity with ERP systems

Do you have an ERP system already installed? We can connect corporate websites and internet portals to various ERP systems via the Kentico platform. We have implemented numerous projects which have involved connecting a new website to an existing ERP system.