Customized E-Shops

A solution that respects and supports your business

Take a step forward and move your e-shop to a new level. Forget ready-made solutions, which you outgrew a long time ago, and instead demand advanced features and a new design for your website. Each product needs its own unique sales strategy, promotions and buyers, which can be ensured only by a customized e-shop.

We specialize in the development of original e-shops with creative designs. By developing a specific solution, we can offer you all the tools that you will really use. We develop e-shops on the Kentico CMS platform, the modular concept of which allows us to build and gradually adjust the on-line store to fit the current needs of your business.

When creating our e-shops, we use a sophisticated, well-proven and constantly updated work procedure.


Using several analyses, we will identify the current position of your website in the on-line environment as well as user expectations and behaviour when searching for specific products.

We will find a way to adjust the content and information architecture of the website to suit its users as much as possible. 

  • Keyword analysis
    • A keyword analysis will give us clear recommendations for the design of the website structure. Furthermore, we will obtain statistics on the frequency of searches for specific terms, based on which we will target the content on real users as accurately as possible.
  • Content analysis
    • Outputs from the keyword analysis and the content analysis on the existing website will help us when working with the content. We can clearly define how and what data to keep, what data we will not use at all and from what sources we will add the remaining data.
  • Competitor analysis
    • We will compare your direct rivals and other competitors in terms of on-line marketing criteria and we will propose opportunities to improve your position in the on-line environment.


Results of the analyses will be reflected in the website information architecture design, which you can try yourself thanks to the functional prototype. At this stage, it is possible to simulate any design and functionality of the e-shop on the prototype to quickly and cheaply avoid any later substantial interference with the website. Based on your comments and our recommendations, we will arrive at the ideal solution for your website.


Based on the approved prototype, we will create suitable graphics for the e-shop that will be attractive for the target groups. The designer first processes the main elements placed on the main web page, from which the proposed colour, style and tone of the entire graphics will be evident. After approval, the designer will develop individual pages the same way. The subsequent creative work is then focused on the detailed processing of the graphical look of the e-shop.

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This phase includes coding, implementation on Kentico CMS, functionality testing, content creation, website launch and development of responsive design.

To ensure trouble-free operation of your e-shop, we offer webhosting and lease of an administration system licence, including complete system backup and upgrades.

Online marketing

From the beginning of the process of creating a customized e-shop, business success is our main common goal. We ensure high traffic on the website and an increase in the conversion rate through the SEO ready website services, an increase in the website's visibility through long-term SEO, PPC campaigns, remarketing and e-mail marketing. The result is a visually appealing, frequented e-shop with a high conversion rate.

We will move your e-shop to a new level using Kentico CMS tools

Kentico is a universally designed web-based solution for creating and managing e-shops and their contents. A large number of practical and easy-to-use features suit both developers and marketers.
The Kentico platform consists of individual modules, functionally completely separated from the visual form of the e-shop. In practice, this means that we can design any visual for specific functional elements and place them anywhere on the page. In Kentico, we can change the number of modules, link them to each other and further edit their functionality.

Product configuration will help the e-shop increase interest in its products and services, thereby increasing sales.
Product options are an important part of the process of recognizing the unique characteristics of the product. Normally, this includes, for example, information about the type of the material, size, colour or similarity to other products.
The integration of the visualized workflow in Kentico will simplify selected marketing activities. We can set up contact management, e-mail marketing, content personalization or lead scoring as automatic processes.
The adjustable buying process will allow the enabling of preferred features when the customer is working with the shopping cart. Based on the needs of your e-shop, we will select the specific payment option and accepted currencies in the shopping cart and link them to the payment gateway, CRM and the carrier.
Content personalization ensures that your clients will be shown content, in which they are interested, and categories of goods, in which they could be interested based on their previous behaviour. This tool will also show them categories of their favourite products, product reviews, sales statistics and ongoing promotions.
The tool for the creation of a discount system for the e-shop will allow you to offer fixed or percentage-based discounts in the form of a discount coupon, quantity discounts or a discount according to predetermined levels.
A well set up loyalty program for the e-shop will help you build relationships with clients. You will capture the attention of your existing and potential customers with unique advantages, discounts, as well as a personal approach thanks to segmentation.
The responsive design will ensure the optimization of the e-shop for all access devices. Viewing of pages will automatically adapt to the characteristics of the laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Impress your clients with partner benefits

Teach your customers to communicate through a partnership system. The automation of individual marketing processes will save you a lot of time and resources. Boost your business and offer a mutually attractive system of benefits to potential B2B or B2C partners.
Simply provide access to bonus information, special price lists, information about promotions, existing orders, and order history and management to users registered in the partner zone. The entire system may be also based on the benefits of the partnership level.

We have many years of experience with the implementation of partnership zones for B2B and B2C clients, and we can heartily recommend their launch to anyone who does not have one yet.

Integration of the e-shop with other systems

The integration simplifies and accelerates the transfer of any data between the e-shop and your corporate information system. Everything is automatic so there are significant savings of time and work capacities. The bidirectional link between the e-shop and data management will not interfere with business processes and it will increase conversion.

We routinely integrate e-shops created in Kentico with Helios, SAP, MS Dynamics NAV, Smart4Web, Karát, Pohoda, Money, K2, QI systems, and more.

The tool Integration bus is used for system integration in Kentico, which safely and reliably links the e-shop with the ERP or only with its individual components such as CRM, accounting or warehouse. Support the satisfaction and loyalty of your customers by integrating your e-shop with your own information system as well as third party systems. Time is money and an e-shop without integration with the ERP will steal both from you.

The following can be integrated

  • Customers

    Thanks to the transfer of data on existing customers from the ERP to the e-shop, these users do not have to register again when shopping. Personal data and information about their purchases are shared by the e-shop and the corporate information system.

    We will synchronize the account of a newly registered user in the e-shop with the ERP to have the user's data entered in the corporate records. In the case of a B2B customer, information provided during registration will be taken over by a sales representative to contact the client and negotiate contractual terms with them. 

    Advanced discount and loyalty systems can be linked to both types of user accounts.

  • Prices and price levels

    n the case of any change in prices or the introduction of short-term discounts, all adjustments in the ERP will appear in the e-shop. You do not need to adjust any data twice and therefore you will avoid unwanted errors.

    Thanks to the integration, you can easily change prices for selected groups of customers who will see the prices set up by you after logging into the e-shop.

  • Orders 

    Integration of orders from the e-shop into the corporate ERP is a key element for their quick and smooth execution. Orders from the e-shop can be marked with a special indication for later sales statistics to ensure that the ratio of sales from a specific e-shop is evident.

    If required by the customer, it is possible to synchronize historical orders on which the next purchase can be based.

For the needs of the e-shop, it is possible to synchronize large amounts of data such as user databases that do not need to be updated often. At the same time, it is possible to set up synchronization of the entire data series, most commonly orders, prices and inventory levels, which must be kept constantly up to date in real time.

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Let your e-shop learn how to speak foreign languages

nvest in an e-shop with language versions and trade with foreign customers and partners.
On request, we will create an unlimited number of language versions of your e-shop in the Kentico system. In terms of foreign clients and search engines, the use of national domains is a more trustworthy solution. Language versions of the e-shop are usually handled also through subdirectories of one domain.

Drop shipping

Create a network of small retailers and increase your market share.
We have a customized solution even for your drop shipping business model that we will link with the internal information system of retailers. Thanks to the integration of your ERP with e-shops of small retailers, updated data will be constantly available to you ensuring higher sales and competitiveness.