Fashion TERM
Fashion TERM / microsite
For the footwear wholesaler TERM we created a series of websites for fashion brands. The aim was to present individual brands to end clients and also to traders who distribute the footwear.
Proofreading - Czech language
Proofreading - Czech language / microsite
This mini website presenting Czech language proofreading services proves that an attractive website can be developed even on a low budget. Our Client gave us full rein to implement our ideas - with positive results.
KDU - ČSL / microsite
Want to get a seat in Parliament? Have us prepare your website and victory is yours! With some exaggeration perhaps, this describes our cooperation with KDU-ČSL in the hectic period of early elections in 2013.
Restore One
Restore One / microsite
An attractive on-line presentation of services in conjunction with good keyword traceability – key targets for any business. The Restore One portal fulfilled both.
Martinů Residence
Martinů Residence / microsite
The most luxurious housing development project in Brno entrusted all its advertising to us – we created the logo, website, printed materials as well as outdoor advertising. Bar one or two, the apartments have all been sold and the project was a great success.
Park Inn
Park Inn / microsite
Sample hotel presentation. After implementing virtual tours for hundreds of hotels in Italy, we prepared for them a proposal to show how their entire website might look. The project is still in development.
Website or Microsite
A microsite is a small, simple web business card. It primarily has a presentation function. It is suitable for basic corporate websites, personal presentations or as a satellite website for a larger project. Within a microsite, you can offer a simple catalogue of your products, which clients can request using a form.

Websites can also be conceived as a blog with an original design, including comments or links to RSS readers.
We pay particular attention the clarity of websites, having an original and easy to remember design as well as ensuring the user’s easy access to their objectives. The result is a sophisticated presentation with an attractive appearance.

The creation of the website is usually very quick. It usually takes just a few days of work. If you are able to offer flexible cooperation in terms of the delivery of documents and ensuring a continuous approval process, your website can be up and running within a week.
  • Any number of sites
  • Newsletters
  • On-line forms and active elements
  • Polls, discussions
  • Photo and video gallery
  • News, event calendar
  • Connection to Google Maps
  • Connection to social networks
  • Evaluation of content (products, articles or blog posts)
  • Basic SEO package

Microsite: creation of simple websites

The term microsite refers to a simple website for presentation purposes. Do you need a basic company profile (“online business card”) with a catalogue of your products? Do you need a concise presentation of your services? Do you want the general public to acknowledge your existence? If your answer is yes, a microsite is the solution for you. This project can be up and running in under a week.

You need to define your expectations and focus on them. Do you need your client to find your price list and order goods? Do you need them to get to know your services and call you? Or do you want them to watch a catchy video and subscribe to your newsletter? We can address all of theese needs with fast and top quality solutions. A UX designer is involved in the entire creative process and oversees the future usability of the website.

Comprehensive creation of websites

For us, the creation of websites is a comprehensive process. That said, it is not at all time consuming for the client. We can take care of everything - from the initial assessment to traffic boosting. The process is divided into several stages, and the result is a modern, effective and money-making website.

Market analysis and research is the first stage in the creation of a website. It allows us to evaluate competitors’ websites and see which elements should be avoided and which should be given a try. The second step is known as “prototyping”. We create the so-called “wireframe”, which is a fully functional model of the website, just without the layout. This wireframe is subject to user testing in order to determine its architecture and compliance with the targets set at the very beginning of our cooperation with the client. Debugging during the wireframe stage saves a lot of money and time.

Website traffic boosting

Getting the website up and running is not the end of our work. A new website is like an obscure shop in a long-forgotten side-street. We can turn your website into a huge mall at a busy intersection thanks to sophisticated online marketing tools. We are proficient at SEO, PPC campaigns and social network marketing. We will increase traffic on your website and, consequently, boost your revenue.

Creation of microsites for major projects

Do you need to create several microsites to support your bigger internet portal? Our microsites are also created with this end in mind. Typically, our work on the first microsite includes the creation of a prototype for user testing and fine tuning. Then, all we need to do is clone the remaining microsites, i.e. they need not be created from scratch. The result is cost efficient for you.