Web presentations for companies, projects and individuals

Get a unique space to promote your services and products

Let everyone know about you through a high-quality web presentation customized for your business, the target group of clients and business partners. Stand out from your competition thanks to understandable, clear and visually refined websites that will be commercially effective, have relevant traffic, will meet your goals and expectations, and will be visually attractive and technologically developed. We will help you properly present your products, services, private projects, non-profit activities or hobbies.
In our approach, we see a web presentation as a website with unrestricted extent that will primarily help the client to enhance public awareness of its activities, services and products. The website therefore serves as an effective information channel with an emphasis on its presentation function and the fulfilment of the purpose for which it is intended. They are not expected to offer advanced functionality. Other solutions are intended for these needs, especially e-shop and enterprise solutions for corporate websites linked with the ERP system.
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The many faces of websites

It does not matter whether you have a large or a small company, whether you are a sole entrepreneur, an interest group or an individual. The key is your interest in presenting your offer, services, products or interest on-line in an efficient, transparent and visually attractive manner.
Web presentations are the ideal solution for all types of clients and they can be created in small, medium and large-scale designs, tailored to your needs. We create websites on the Kentico CMS platform that allows us to respect the specific requirements of clients for their presentation. For this reason, we prefer creating customized websites to ready-made solutions.
Thanks to the implementation of about two hundred different web projects, we have created presentations for clients operating in various business areas such as engineering, IT, construction, food processing, property management, interior design, tourism, education, sport and fashion.

Examples of references

Small web tomaslerch.cz
A simple profile web presentation on a single page communicates to the visitors everything that is needed.
Medium-sized web benebond.cz
This medium-sized website uses tabs and offers the owner more space to present products and services.
Large-scale web pbsvb.cz
Even a corporate website with a complex structure, several levels and numerous product pages is a web presentation in the truest sense of the word.


It does not matter whether you have a large or a small company, whether you are a sole entrepreneur, an interest group or an individual. The key is your interest in presenting your offer, services, products or interest on-line in an efficient, transparent and visually attractive manner.
Keyword analysis
Ensures the consistency of your presentation with the demand of Internet users. This way, we will obtain landing pages for individual groups of services or products, to which we can purposefully send visitors from search engines.
Content analysis
Content is the king, context is the queen. And the website is "only" a medium that delivers the message to the right person. We will recommend which texts, photos, videos or content graphics should be prepared to turn a website visitor into a customer.
Competitor analysis
To improve your position in the on-line environment, we will use a competitor analysis. We will find out how your competitor presents itself, what its strengths and weaknesses are, and we will use it to your advantage.

Information architecture

We look for the optimal structure, layout and functionality of individual elements using a functional prototype. A web model grows before your eyes and you have the opportunity to very easily interact with it and check whether the solution fits your business assignment. It is similar to building a house - first a high-quality project, then implementation.

Web design

We will then implement a very specific graphic design and we can focus purely on the visual impression; the function is debugged in the previous phase. Creative and engaging graphics are one of our main strengths. We implement the key visuals through the homepage; its debugging with the client is followed by the preparation of sub-pages and content graphics.

Technical implementation

We will prepare project documentation and will proceed with the "reviving" of the website. This includes HTML / CSS coding, preparation of a responsive design in a special grid, deployment on the editorial Kentico system, thanks to which you will be able to fully control the website. Thorough testing and webhosting preparation are included.


Texts, photos, videos and virtual tours, we will be happy to tailor all of it to your needs. The extent of our involvement will be agreed upon - ranging from consultations to a complete turnkey delivery. Either way, we want to make sure that the web content is of high quality and is relevant. Otherwise, the result would have half the potential, maybe not even that.

On-line marketing

An important part of our services is on-line marketing. A website without relevant traffic is like a car without petrol. Following the initial analyses, we will start SEO, PPC campaigns, remarketing, newsletters and promotion through social networks. The thoughtful mix of these activities will ensure that the website is really a business tool, not just a beautiful toy without meaning.

We develop web presentations tailored to operators and users

Web development

Thanks to the versatility of the web publishing system Kentico CMS, it is used by companies in 84 countries around the world for more than 6,000 websites. Dozens of prepared functional modules will ensure fast and efficient development, and the user-friendly interface will ensure easy management from the position of the editor. This function is here separated from the visual, ensuring that we are not restricted in any way and we can always create truly customized solutions according to the specific needs.

Kentico CMS is a Czech product, although 95% of its turnover comes from abroad, especially from the USA, Australia and the United Kingdom. It supports, among other things, language versions of web presentations, full-text search, visitor statistics, SEO, on-line forms, discussion forums, blogs, polls and media galleries.

Responsive design

With regard to the increasing number of users of mobile Internet, the emerging LTE era and the ever-increasing phone screen size, it is necessary to optimize your website for all access devices.

We will ensure the flexible display of web presentations thanks to the responsive design that we prepare using our special grid. Technologically, we have advanced so far that an adaptive web does not mean a significant increase in project cost and, therefore, we supply it more or less as standard.

Your website is our business card

Our whole philosophy can be simply summarized in one sentence: Your website is our business card. We receive the vast majority of our customers through referrals, and therefore you can be absolutely certain of our diligence.