We have an open chair here

PS: There’s always place for skilful people on our team.

We’re interested in professionals, beginners, and people passionate about websites, applications, and analytics who’d like to do what they enjoy in an even better way. We’d like to get to know people who’ll gradually build up their position in our team or move it in a new direction.

Contact us at info@puxdesign.cz and tell us about your qualities and life story from the world of websites. We promise to read it and reply. We may find out you’re exactly who we need.

5 reasons why you’ll enjoy working with us

We’re on first-name terms here—even with both of the bosses. We keep a pleasant atmosphere here and our benefits are a standard we keep improving on. Would you like to learn more? Here are five examples we’ve all put together.

We’re no fair-weather friends

We choose people who are interested in working here and who fit in our team. We like each other. Sometimes so much that it ends up with a wedding.
When I was restoring our house, the guys from the team came to help with the paving, fence and other things at the weekend. It’s good to know that we can rely on each other when needed.
Petr Kameník
Consultant and project manager

We are young… at heart

Our average age is 30 years. The juniors learn from the seniors, who in turn get younger and younger by working with them.
The young people in PUX – that’s for real, no cliché. Most of us grew up in the 1990s, so we’re a bit of a gang here ☺ I’m happy that we don’t move along a beaten path and like to keep trying new things instead. And that’s what I like about PUX.”
Petra Jouzová
Project manager and tester

Personal growth is a real thing here

We’ve raised several specialists. We learn from each other and the experienced spend a lot of time passing their know-how on to the juniors.
I started coding as a student at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and I knew coding was what I wanted to do. After two years working for PUX I made it to a position where I can assign work to my junior colleagues. And we discuss new trends in coding and business affairs over a pizza or a shot of rum from time to time.
David Oháňka
Frontend developer

Each vote counts

We vote for our benefits, organize regular team breakfasts, and prepare coffee in a professional coffee machine.
I drink five cups of coffee a day, and I didn’t want to prepare my morning cup in a pod coffee maker. We discussed it with Tomáš, agreed to buy a quality coffee machine, and I ordered coffee beans from a reliable roaster. What a difference that made!
Peter Kušnírik
UX designer and graphical artist

We like to spend our leisure time together

We play ping-pong or poker after work. From time to time, we show photos from our vacation or go play board games and laser tag.
Not long after I joined the company we went to a winery in Dolní Věstonice. And the impression the others made on me the very first night convinced me that I had joined the right crowd ☺ And yes, the hike to the Pálava hill the next day was fine as well.
Luděk Škaroupka
Project manager

And who do we have an open chair for right now?

Our long-term projects have been keeping us pretty busy and we already know that the number of interesting jobs is going to grow. That’s why some skilful additions to our team would come in handy immediately.