We’ll design a website to grab your clients’ attention and never let go

At PUXdesign, we create graphical designs for 95% of our projects, and we also use our web designers’ experience when working for agencies that don’t have their own graphical studio.

When working on graphics we focus on the needs of actual users

We take well-developed steps to create final designs that provide us with crucial inputs for our work.

  • We get to know you as well as your clientsWe’ll meet at a workshop, where we’ll get to know your brand and the services you offer. With the help of in-depth interviews with your clients we’ll verify what the website absolutely needs to have.   
  • We use a set of analyses to structure your website’s information architectureThis is a simple way for us to gather data about client behaviour on the internet, competitors, the conditions of the content, and about key phrases the users search for.
  • The structure of the website is crafted into a working prototypeIn the wireframe we commonly work with interactive elements and specific content. User testing reveals whether the users of the website understand the logic of the design and find it intuitive.
  • We transform your ideas into the design of your websiteOnce the prototype is approved, it’s finally time to start with the creative part which works with emotions. In line with current trends in web browsing, we design websites while focusing on content graphics.
  • We create documentation for the website implementerThe output of the cooperation on the design of a website is an assignment in the form of documentation and complete graphics in PSD. This crucial material then enables anybody to implement the website.
  • Dear future clients of PUXdesign, you’ve found an ideal partner to build a very nice relationship with. Besides being awesome, the PUXdesigners know their job. I’ve often asked them to cooperate on projects that seemed unsolvable, either illogical or very demanding in terms of coding skills. The guys from PUXdesign, however, have always resolved any troubles and come up with solutions that pleased us, the client, and the customers. And the CFOs rubbed their hands with satisfaction seeing they didn’t spend too much. I praise PUXdesign wherever I go. Keep it up, friends!
    Petr Laštovka
    Strategic Planner

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