We can’t do it all on our own

We have strong partners watching our back

We can’t do everything and we’re completely find admitting it. We specialize website development and our experienced partners help us with some of the tasks. We know them very well and don’t hesitate to recommend them when the time is right.

Online marketing with enthusiasm

Proficio The people who visit websites are as important for them as gasoline is for cars. And that’s why we fill our websites’ tanks with Proficio. It’s an agency of approximately our size, full of specialists in SEO, PPC, social media, price comparison catalogues, e-mailing, and strategy designs for online environments. In return, we help them build websites for their own projects.

Thought-out SEOsymbiosis

Jan Onesork It’s good to have a website, and it’s even better to have a website users find on the very first try. And since this type of miracle doesn’t happen by itself, we’ve been cooperating with Jan Onesork to improve the positions of our websites in searches. He heads a small group of SEO specialists and we’ve cooperated for years on dozens of successful projects. 
Jan Onesork

Writers who can do so much more than just write

Pábení A website with neglected texts is just sad and very likely to never see success, either. Fortunately, the people from Pábení can take good care of that. And the website you’re just browsing is an example of our mutual cooperation. They provided guidance, asked questions, and mentored, and we wrote texts and learned from the best ones.

The sharpest of photos

Ondřej Straka Quality content needs attractive photos, which is why Ondřej is our go-to guy. His perfect work shows in product as well as image photographs. A true professional, always willing to help, and a graduate of the Photography in Advertising program at Tomas Bata University in Zlín who always has several ideas ready up his sleeve.
Projects: Teiresiás MUNI, IQ Landia, Pálavská galerie vín
Ondřej Straka

Playing with irony and hyperbole

Enteron When the concept of a project depends on interactive content, it’s good to know someone who can make it all move. These guys have been dealing in flash games and animations since 2000, and we’ve cooperated many times because we like their creative characters and sharp humour.