Thanks to its redesign, the brand is now thriving online too

For a long time, the Starobrno brewery has been presenting itself as a local brand which wants to be as close as possible to its fans, and it’s been pretty successful there. Most active on social networks such as Facebook and Instagram, the brand has been in continuous touch with the fans of “beer with a Moravian heart“. The brewery isn’t afraid to use creative advertising in the city or in media. Its web presentation was the only part that didn’t exactly fit into the mosaic of modern communication channels the brewery used, but we changed that with them in October 2016.

Brno bands together

Being Brno patriots, we were pretty proud when we learned that the local brewery had decided to cooperate with us on the redesign of its website. The client knew that the original presentation was visually outdated and technically lacking. The marketing team could edit only parts of the website content and had to contact the contractor for more advanced administration.

We chose PUXdesign as a local contractor who works with the Kentico system, developed in Brno as well, which we liked. The Starobrno website needed a major redesign, so our decision was made also based on the level of visuals of the reference projects. Among other things, we expected the contractor to help us present our social network activity on the website. And that’s exactly what happened.
Zdeňka Mindlová
Brand Manager for Heineken - Starobrno
Heineken - Starobrno

The brewery wanted a website they could administer on their own

The task was clear from the very beginning. We wanted to push the design of the Starobrno website into 2016, interconnect the presentation with social networks as much as possible, and enable the client to further work on, update, and develop the website. We ensured the last requirement by using the Kentico platform which is developed by a company with the same name, also based in Brno.

The revision of the website told us everything we didn’t know yet

The study of the initial status performed by Proficio included a traffic overview by Google Analytics and maps monitoring user behaviour on the website. The analysis of competitors showed us presentations of other strong local brands as well as the fact that its emphasis on location works for Starobrno as a good distinguishing element. It followed from the study that the content is unnecessarily fragmented in the quite well-arranged website structure and the users couldn’t find everything in a single place.

The website design is completed by social media content

From the beginning, our graphical artist worked with the Starobrno brand manual and some very good photos which gave us quite a free hand in designing. Both recent and historical photos of the brewery are used across the website and we worked with motifs referring to the beer and its brand on all the pages. The emotions related to Starobrno were projected onto the website using the application Juicer, which enabled us to load any number of posts from social networks onto the homepage.

starobrno sociální sítě

The content management system just invites you to play with the website

Kentico CMS 9, onto which we deployed the Starobrno website, is a very intuitive platform for website editing. After completing a 2-hour training course, Starobrno’s sales representatives are now able to edit all the content on the website themselves. Most frequently, they create new events, update the slider on the main page, and create new subpages for limited-time offers, special beers etc. Given that the brand creates a lot of audio-visual content, we modified the initial slider as well as the event pages so that videos can be put on them instead of photos.

The client is satisfied and we’re still developing the website

Despite using the photos directly in the graphics, we reduced the loading time from 4.42 to 3.12 seconds, which the client was happy about. The data related to the time people spend on the website, number of pages viewed per visit, and the bounce rate show that users now find what they need quickly and easily. Thus, together we succeeded in meeting the goals we had set out to achieve. Thanks to all this in October 2016 the Starobrno brewery was able to introduce a new, attractive website that also works on mobile devices and displays all its pages faster.

starobrno pivo
The greatest progress was made with the website design, connection to social networks, our audio-visual content, and the options offered by the Kentico system. That said, we’d like to continue improving the website to make sure it remains current and continues to meet the needs of the brand.
Zdeňka Mindlová
Brand Manager for Heineken - Starobrno
Heineken - Starobrno

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