Our simple solution matched the client’s idea of a low-cost online shop

Ajala is a company based in Brno that produces high-quality chocolate. When he contacted us, our client and a friend had been personally promoting the project on social networks, markets selling good food, and in cafés. To present Ajala chocolate on the Internet, we created a website that listed the places selling it and how to contact them. The goal from the outset was to develop the website into a simple online shop. 

Chocolate producer provided their own graphics

The new content was too large for the existing single-page presentation, so the client wanted to expand it and add information focusing on the brand philosophy, chocolate production, and the online shop. The client delivered the complete graphical look of the website and our task was to code and deploy it on the Kentico content management system.
At the very beginning, we agreed that the online shop would use only basic e-commerce modules and several static text pages. The product list uses simple filters and the product details contain information about the chocolate, large photos, price, number of pieces, and an option to add the product to the cart. It’s a three-step purchase process consisting of checking the cart, filling out personal details, and summary
I’d cooperated with the guys from PUXdesign on several other projects before and had always been satisfied with their work, so they were a clear choice for our online shop.
Filip Teplý
Producer of Ajala chocolate

We delivered a solution ready to be further developed

In terms of its features, we designed a small online shop. This responsive online shop works without integration with any third-party system or any other advanced features. It offers around twenty products with the ability for the client to add new items into the system. We created an online shop which uses as many native features of the Kentico platform as possible, and thus fulfilled our task. Since launch, the client has been using only free shipping for purchases exceeding a specified sum. Among other available features are a product discount, a discount for the entire order, discount vouchers, and “buy two get one free” purchases.

ajala čokoláda
We were looking for a simple, yet capable CMS, and Kentico is an excellent choice there. We’re satisfied with the website and I believe we’ll keep developing it together with PUXdesign.
Filip Teplý
Producer of Ajala chocolate

As expected, online business has been growing slowly but surely

Several months after launch, around 50 to 100 people on average come to the Ajala website every day. From time to time, this number grows thanks to posts on Facebook, an important communication channel for the brand. The volume of products sold in shops is still several times larger than the volume sold online. These results were expected after such a short time following the launch, as the client has a wide network of dealers and hasn’t used any online marketing strategy to support the online shop yet, aside from being very active on social networks.

Once launched, the online shop revealed some hidden potential

The data from Google Analytics showed that as many as 40% of users browse the online shop on mobile devices. We created a highly-functional responsive design that made it just as comfortable for users to visit the website on tablets and mobiles as on desktops.
Even though the website exists only in Czech, 15% of its visitors come from abroad. The English version and international sales are definitely among the directions the client can take. Launching a new language version on the Kentico platform is a question of just a few hours of work, so making that modification can happen at almost any time in the future. 

We delivered a 100% functional solution that the client now manages on his own, having completed a short training. Thanks to this management, the client keeps discovering further possibilities on the Kentico platform, all of which we’re ready to develop with him as part of a long-term project.

ajala respo

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