We opened the door for the client to the online world

TASY has been a major player on the tyre market selling to both companies and end consumers since 1991. It operates a remoulding line for truck tyres, four tyre shops and car repair shops in Brno and Prague, and it’s a leader in ecological tyre recycling. The people in TASY had always believed that tyres could only be sold in car repair shops where the customers receive adequate service. However, the boom of online shops and available data showed there was a new trend and the client found out that people liked to buy online and that online shops sell up to 40% of tyres in the Czech Republic.

Management of the tyre shop didn’t know what to expect from online sales

After we created its company presentation and connected it with the original online ordering system in 2014, TASY asked us to design their online tyre shop. The management had no previous experience in online sales or targeting end users. When creating the assignment and design of the solution, we served primarily as consultants who participated in the sales strategy. The client wanted to find out what market share they’d gain and had no specific expectations at the beginning. We agreed to design a simple online shop with not too much content.
Given that at the beginning we didn’t know what we wanted, we needed the contractor to become our consultant as well. We wanted them to show us what online business works like and introduce everything.
Petr Marek
executive manager in TASY s.r.o.
TASY s.r.o.

We started the online shop up by strong marketing

TASY focuses on companies and customers from tyre shops and car repair shops. For the online shop for end customers, we came up with the Pneuboss brand and put the famous face of comedian Zdeněk Izer on banners and billboards, as well as in videos in the Help section. We launched a small-budget, functional, very user-friendly online shop which Proficio supported with high-performance marketing, such as PPC campaigns in AdWords and Sklik, remarketing in the content network as well as on Facebook, and price comparison websites such as Zboží.cz, Heuréka, and Google Shopping.

The online strategy brought 500 placed orders in a single day

All the steps taken within digital marketing proved to be so efficient that in October 2014 the number of placed orders exceeded the client’s capacity. The warehouse wasn’t ready for such numbers and couldn’t keep up with orders. We had to reduce the intensity of the campaigns and thus missed the main part of the season. Both we and TASY management saw for ourselves that the new online tyre shop was competitive and it made sense to continue with the project. At the same time we knew that next time we’d like to be able to process all incoming orders.

pneuboss izer
The greatest benefit of our cooperation has been an active and customer-friendly approach of the management and people designing the online shop, their willingness to listen to our needs, and their ability to see the bigger picture. PUXdesign was very good and successful at walking us through the entire process of designing the online shop and kept offering better and better solutions to our requirements, always with the best price-performance ratio. Also, we greatly appreciate the fact that PUXdesign treats us as a long-term partner, which has definitely paid off for them, because we’ve been cooperating on other projects since.
Petr Marek
executive manager in TASY s.r.o.
TASY s.r.o.

Further development helped the online shop and relieved the tyre shop

After the client’s expectations from potential of the online shop grew, in 2015 and 2016 we made some substantial changes and designed a stronger solution. An extensive integration with the HoC company information system was a crucial change thanks to which we managed to reduce the time necessary to process one order by 80%. This means TASY now processes five times more orders in the same amount of time, so there’s no danger of another break-down.
The Pneuboss online shop was moved to the Kentico 9 CMS, making it more comfortable for the client to administer placed orders and use all the technological and e-commerce options the system offers.

pneuboss produkt

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