We found a way to display over 3 thousand versions of custom-made shirts to the customers of this online shop

The uty. brand is a new project set up as a response to the insufficient offer of men’s shirts with a good price-quality ratio. At the very beginning, the client decided to get a step ahead of the competitors and sell custom-made shirts online. The customer buys comfortably from home and four weeks later receives a shirt, with every single detail tailored to his figure and taste. As an interesting bonus, the customers may have their initials sewn on the shirt or order a unicolour jumper or T-shirt together with the shirt.

With uty. what you see is what you get

These days lots of businesses care only about low prices and neglect materials, production quality, working conditions, and the environment, so customers more and more often look for honest products and a permanent value. The uty. brand supports the trust of their customers using realistic photographs of all the versions of shirts they can choose in the online shop. Therefore, the customers don’t receive something they didn’t order just because the shade of the shirt looked totally different in the configurator. In addition, the menu offering various fabrics, buttons, cuffs, fastenings, and collars was tweaked to make all the versions work together, so the customers cannot make a wrong choice.
It wasn’t easy to find a partner for our first online shop. At the beginning, the only thing we knew about PUXdesign was that they designed websites, were based in Brno, and their projects had a very good design. Their personal and accommodating approach to our assignment convinced us to start working with them.
Martin Šulc
uty. executive director

We designed a unique configurator to display photos of 3 thousand product versions

The client’s assignment was to design a very simple online shop with no integration to external systems. This specific business, however, required a solution more sophisticated than a simple list of products – a solution to quickly and simply display any customized shirt. The client knew how the configurator was supposed to work for the users and the steps necessary to accept an order to produce a tailored shirt. Based on the assignment, we came up with a technical solution which assigned photos to product versions through shared IDs. The photo files needed to be named correctly according to a matching configuration to make the online shop work correctly.

The online shirt shop was a challenge for the client in terms of content

While we were developing the configurator, the guys in uty. were busy preparing the content for the entire shop. The client decided to do a very thorough job and tailored and photographed all the versions of the shirts, assigned correct IDs to them, and in just a few days filled the media library in the Kentico system with almost 3 thousand images. Beyond that, the client personally ensured all the texts as well as videos that help users measure their body in the third step of the configurator. The client’s impressive speed and precision ensured that the implementation of the website remained on schedule.

We launched an online shop which makes us happy

The client is satisfied with the web design and technical solution of the configurator and so far the response has been favourable as well. We succeeded in supporting the brand when we tried to prove that tailored shirts are not just festive clothes for exceptional occasions or luxurious products only for selected clients. Their unified price of 2,290 CZK and simple instructions to order them online gives users a chance to buy a tailored shirt wherever and whenever. In its new online shop, the uty. brand obtained a tool to spread fashion awareness, which we like to join. Many of us here at PUXdesign are strongly considering buying tailored shirts, as well.
At the time of writing this case study, the uty. online shop had not been working long enough to collect proper performance and traffic data. Once we have this data, however, we’ll definitely extend this case study.

It’s still too soon for any results, but we already know that launching the online shop is not the end of our cooperation. We appreciate the clear definition of the project and professional approach of the project manager when working on the large number of specialties of the configurator. The fact that PUXdesign provided not only a working configurator but also stylish graphics is an added value. The combination of these two elements for a custom-made product is absolutely crucial.
Martin Šulc
uty. executive director

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