od 2013

Top 10 logos

The ones we are proud of even years later

Since we really enjoy designing logos for our clients, we’ve chosen ten of the most diverse ones we’ve created. All these logos are used by our clients not only on their websites but also in their printed materials, most of which we’ve worked on ourselves, as well. Based on the scope of work, the logo and manual cost between 10 to 30 thousand CZK.
Továrek, Horký a partneři, advokátní kancelář, s.r.o. (2006) (solicitor’s office)
Wagner Café (2011)
Stiffer s.r.o. (2013)
Vinotrh s.r.o. (2014)
Mediaservis s.r.o. (2014)
Netcope (2015)
Tvůj šatník (2016) (Your Wardrobe)
Ateliérové byty Krásova (2016) (studio apartments at Krásova street)
Ve Vinohradech (2017)
NOWET (2017)
Top 10 logos

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