We created a clone of a partner portal to reduce its development expenses

Building Plastics is a Belgian company specializing in the production of outdoor shading, mosquito nets, and garage doors. The client’s headquarters, production, and warehouses for the Central European market are located in Velká Bíteš, where we regularly meet with them. In 2014, we created a web presentation for MINIROL, its brand of finished products. As partners, we’ve worked on developing the website ever since, creating a strategy of online marketing activities for it in cooperation with the Proficio agency.

The company intranet could not handle all business partner requirements

On the MINIROL website, the intranet served as an alternative to the portal for companies. Here the company gave its partners access to download catalogues, price lists, and other documents that were not to be published on the website. However, the companies asking about the status of their orders, invoicing or complaints had to contact sales representatives. Since partners were partially dependent on communication with customers, this solution was far from ideal for either party.

The portal should make the references for individual orders available to the customers

In 2016, the management of Building Plastics decided to launch a partner section on the website for MINIROL’s business partners. The client wanted to enable partners to access the company ERP system, which held data such as invoices, orders, delivery notes, and complaints. Our job was to synchronize the web platforms with Microsoft Dynamics NAV for a one-way transfer of data from the ERP to Kentico. The portal solution we designed provides a well-arranged presentation of data that is far beyond what the ERP was capable of on its own.

We designed a solution that was later used for another website as well

The aim of the project was to create a brand new portal whose clone could be used for another client’s website. We launched the presentation of Bematech, a producer of interior shading technology, in 2014 together with the website for MINIROL. Connecting these two projects greatly lowered the portal’s development expenses. That’s why we designed the visuals for the partner zone knowing that, ideally, we’d only change its colours to create the other version. We designed the portal to be simple to use for the other website as well, and we used paired e-mail addresses of the users in the ERP and Kentico system to make the user accounts work and to display the corresponding data on the portal.

minirol web

Communication between the client and their business partners is now more efficient

Thanks to the unlimited access to order documentation, contractors no longer have to communicate with the sales representatives so often. Thus, the sales representatives can spend that time dealing with business and acquiring new leads. During this project we succeeded in designing two identical portals, minimizing the cost of both solutions, and presenting the references saved in the company ERP to each user in a well-arranged way. Therefore, we met all the client’s expectations.
In the future, we plan to design other language versions for both of the portals to enable the client to offer the same level of services to foreign partners as well.

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