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We’ve been delivering complete web services for both their portal and website for several years now

Founded as a student project in Brno, Y Soft has grown into a company with 380 employees that is active on all major markets. Companies all over the world use its solutions for print management, document digitization, and 3D printing. At the beginning, the people from Y Soft chose us as specialists on the Kentico platform, which they had used to deploy their website. Since the beginning of our cooperation in 2012, we’ve come a long way and now deliver complete solution services for Y Soft.

From the very beginning the Y Soft team knew exactly what they wanted…

Our first project for Y Soft was to design a partner portal which would be key for communicating and managing business with other companies. We built a B2B zone on the Kentico EMS platform, and based on the requirements of the implementation team we interconnected it with several third-party systems. Beyond integration with the company ERP, which was Helios Green back in 2013, we also connected the portal with the e-learning Moodle application or Service Desk, customer care by Y Soft. And we used a comfortable, Single Sign On (SSO) solution, which enables users to access any other system without needing to identify themselves again once they log in to the Kentico system.

One day we found out that the contractor-customer system no longer suited us. We needed someone to join our team. When implementing the B2B portal we saw that we had a common goal and that PUXdesign was in the same boat with us.
Jenda Perla
Online Marketing Team Lead
Y Soft

…and we delivered it, with a big number of improvements

Given that Y Soft has a wide international network of partners, it was necessary to create an advanced user management interface in the B2B area right at the beginning. This enabled each partner to add their own business partners into the system and set up their user rights as needed. For further education of Y Soft employees and for regular partner certifications for the purchased solutions, we designed e-learning which notifies its users of new available courses so they can obtain or maintain their certifications. A separate part of the portal is formed by a CSS (Customer Support Service) which, among other things, serves for RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) reporting by partners.

Y Soft needed to offer more to its customers through the portal

In 2016, after operating the portal for three years, the client decided to redesign and modernize its UI. At the time, the company changed its ERP and switched to an IFS system, which was quite a change, and it was necessary to connect it to the Kentico system. We extended the partner zone and thus substantially improved the original solution. Using an HCL tool (Hardware Compatibility List), the B2B zone enabled Y Soft partners to verify the compatibility of specific types of printers with their devices. Given the large number of models of printers, the application offers fast filtering and searching. A configurator connected with the cart is available for online purchases for company customers that can use it to edit or expand the settings of the products used.

prototyp vs web
From the beginning our expectations from the cooperation were high, but PUXdesign, led by Petr Kameník, has been exceeding those expectations and doing literally everything necessary for the development of our website and portal for a long time.
Jenda Perla
Online Marketing Team Lead
Y Soft

Switching to an agile development paid off for both sides

Based on the flexible approach of the Y Soft guys, we've been cooperating on the principle of regular iterations during which we always incorporate the list we agreed on previously. The client’s skills and willingness to learn enable us to pass on our know-how, making it easier for them to handle a lot more editing of both the website and portal themselves. We’ve been seeing good results for some time now, so together we can now pay attention to the quality of management and reaction speed to individual requests. We also submit regular weekly reports and deliver work every second week, so we’ve been developing the website as well as portal incessantly, which is a primary goal of the client.

Our partnership is built on good relations and team work

All these projects have been successfully implemented thanks to the fact that people from both companies formed a single team and always worked hard to achieve their common goal – to design a website. We greatly appreciate this long-term partnership, which has been more than just a business relationship for quite a while now. We get along very well with the guys from Y Soft and enjoy getting together outside of work for a beer.

ysoft portal

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