Reflect the needs of your clients into the webdesign

We ask and verify the obtained data


from 280 €

At the beginning of the project, we find out who you are, what and for who you work and why you think you're exceptional. We organize a workshop at your company and verify the data obtained through interviews with clients, partners or employees. Afterwards, we design the structure of the website and individual pages into a wire model and obtain data for the content.

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User testing

from 400 €

We test the wire model of the website with a group of your customers. That helps us verify that the concept of the website is intuitive, the structure is logical and the content is understandable. We project the results of user testing into the modifications of the wire model, webdesign and copywriting.

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"It is crucial for us to maintain the project as a stable and modern system for all our customers and business partners as our requirements change from the perspective of a modern development and manufacturing company as well as form our customers around the world."

Daniel Roško
/ vedoucí logistiky, skladu a nákupu, MSR Engines s.r.o. – JETSURF

Work with the results of cognition

Our researchers and UX specialists suggest the most suitable solution for you.

Research and testing are not our only work on the web. See how we work.

We cooperate and consult with the best ones in the field – House of Řezáč.

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