A modern platform for your website

A modern platform for your website

We build on Orchard Core presentations as well as advanced solutions

Orchard Core is an open source solution actively developed by a community of developers from around the world. It is a content management system written in ASP.NET Core, which was first published in 2011. We trust Orchard Core so much that we have built our corporate website on it.

Features that are worth attention

Headless CMS

Orchard Core belongs to the headless type systems. This means that it manages content in one place and offers the possibility of distributing it to various types of digital channels via API. Web, e-shop, mobile application, chat or blog.

Free platform

The open source system is also free software. You do not pay anything for its use.

Powerful solution

Compared to other CMSs, Orchard Core is a really powerful tool. This is due to the optimized database for data storage and caching. Therefore, we can build really fast websites.

Technological background

We use modern ASP.NET Core or Gatsby JS frameworks in combination with the JAMStack architecture to create a front-end application on Orchard Core.

JAMStack architecture

A modern approach to web development combines the security of statically generated pages, the speed of a headless CMS, high scalability and excellent client availability thanks to CDN. It allows developers to focus on creating the site itself and eliminates the need to take care of complex background architectures.

Active community development

We use a constantly updated list of modules and features that the global developer community offers. We are part of it and we also contribute to the development of the Orchard Core platform.

Native features

As a content management system, Orchard Core includes a number of native features commonly offered by commercial paid CMS. Thanks to them, you can translate your website into a number of language versions, set user roles and permissions or an optimal workflow for creating and publishing content.


Separate modules can be stacked arbitrarily. Within each page, we can use, hide or completely replace individual modules. If the defined modules do not suit you, we create your own.


We create custom websites. That is why it is important for us that on the Orchard Core platform we can create something tailored to a specific client. We modify ready-made modules or create brand new ones as needed.

Are you looking for a suitable platform for your website and a reliable supplier for that?

Let's make an appointment. We will introduce you the possibilities of Orchard Core for your project and its further development.