We develop online shops customized to your needs

For both experienced and starting businesses

We create online shops customized to your needs using a tried and tested working procedure and the Kentico CMS platform. We can design and create B2C solutions for end users as well as B2B shops for wholesale clients.

Our portfolio is full of online shops for tens up to hundreds of thousands of Czech crowns

The more specific the assignment, the better

There is no such thing as a “standard online shop”. We deal with the fine details of each solution even before we send you a price quote. Do you have a list of your requirements on hand? If so, let’s see it! Don’t have one yet? That’s fine—we can create one together.


The price and development of your fully customized online shop depend on the following:

how we’ll import data into the online shop
which third-party systems we will need to connect and how
your requirements for individual features
At the same time, the calculation will never involve how valuable this solution is to you and your future plans.

Kentico enables us to offer advanced solutions for online shops

  • We can prepare your business for the electronic records of sales (EET)EET doesn’t take us by surprise and we won’t let that happen to you either. We can create online shops that meet all the Czech legislative requirements.
  • We’ll connect your online shop with third-party systemsWe’ll develop the purchase process with couriers, such as DPD, Geis, or Uloženka, as well as payment gates, such as GP webpay, ThePay, GoPay, PayU, or PayPal.
  • We’ll make it possible for you to accept foreign currenciesOperating an online shop with various language versions doesn’t necessarily go hand-in-hand with accepting payments in foreign currencies. If you want to let your customers pay in euros or dollars, no problem—we’ll can make that possible.
  • We’ll propose an online marketing strategyLaunching an online shop is only the start of your race to get first orders. We’ll perform a keyword analysis to help us focus on potential customers.
  • We’ll add a B2B zone to the shopOnce users log in, they’ll be able to see additional content, such as files to download, history of orders, invoices, and complaint records.
  • We’ll take care of ERP integrationSolutions for large online shops will be integrated with the system the company uses to keep records of its stock, prices and materials. 
Take a look at more technical options of online shops built on the Kentico CMS.

We’ll give your online shop a strong start and keep going from there

Launch is only the very beginning. No matter whether you’ve been in business for years or you’re just starting to do business on the Internet, together we’ll always find a way to improve your online shop.