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Project management
The project is led by our experienced consultant. He ensures the coordination of the entire team on the side of the customer and the supplier, monitor important project milestones, schedule and price. We use elements of agile methodology and weekly sprints for management.
Durationthroughout the whole project
OutputWell-executed project
Entrance study

The first step is a workshop where we discuss your goals, your business, products and services. For more technically demanding projects, we meet even for the second time and talk about the systems and data you work with. We analyze existing solutions, data in ERP and prepare a data model. We create a keyword analysis or prepare clear content.

Duration1–4 weeks
Outputan assignment that specifies the scope, schedule and price of the entire project.

We meet at workshop where we get acquainted with your brand and the services or products you offer. Throughout in-depth interviews with your customers, we find out what they are interested in and what language they speak.

Duration1–4 weeks
Outputdocuments for the content and tone of voice.
Content creationOptional

The materials from the workshop help us with creating clear and readable texts. Apart from copywriting, we prepare an assignment for a photographer who takes original pictures tailored to the site.

Duration1–4 weeks

We tune the structure of the website, individual pages and its throughput for users on a wire model. We design the form of the entire solution and try to differentiate it from the competition as much as possible.

Duration1–2 weeks
Outputinteractive web prototype with type pages.
User testing

We ask your customers whether they are familiar with the new version of the website. Is it intuitive for them? If it makes sense, we repeat the testing with other users after editing the prototype.

Duration1–2 weeks
Outputrecommendations for final modifications of the prototype.

The creative part of the work starts here. We design a new visual for the website and a mobile version of the graphics for key pages. We consult it with you and move every idea forward.

Duration2–4 weeks
Outputcomplete web graphics in source formats (.psd, .xd, .sketch) usable in the future.
Technical documentation

We prepare documentation before the developers get to work. We describe the individual functionalities of each page of the website. According to this key material, anyone would be able to implement the website.

Duration1 week
Outputassignment in the form of technical documentation.
Web development

We code templates, deploy them on a content management system, tune responsive design, program to measure and integrate solutions with other systems. We build the website in one of four environments. Then, we keep on our work.

Duration2–8 weeks
Outputwork in an appropriate extent that you can easily test.
Content filling

We fill the website or train you so that you can manage everything by yourself – as we agreed at the beginning of the project.

Duration1–2 weeks
Outputcompletely filled website and ready for testing.

Testing is a must-have. We test, then it's your turn. Try everything in a real environment of the website with the final content.

Duration1 week
Outputwebsite ready to run on a sharp domain.
SEO and online marketing

Before the launch, we check everything we prepared in the beginning to maintain organic traffic. Here comes the right time to prepare online marketing activities such as PC campaigns, newsletters or feeds for product catalogs.

Duration1–2 weeks
Outputa plan of specific steps to help you make the business visible.
Launching the site

We teach you how to work with the content management system. Once we redirect the URLs from the original site, set up analytics, and check everything for the last time, we move the site to a sharp domain.

Duration1 week
Outputa publicly available web solution that your customers can visit.
Further development

Launched website is not the end for us. We are happy to help you implement further ideas and possible website updates. We are ready to consult everything on an ongoing basis and to develop the project within the long-term goals.

Outputstable cooperation on the development of solutions based on agile management and weekly sprints.

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