We create your vision step by step

We get to know each other and together create the assignment

  • 1We come well-prepared to the introductory meeting. Its goal is to create a rough assignment and calculation. If we click, we’ll meet again.
  • 2At the second meeting we’ll ask a lot of questions so we can put together a plan and the final calculation. This is also where you will meet our project manager, who will provide support to you during the entire project.
  • 3If we make a deal, we’ll conduct an introductory study of where the project stands now, where we can push it, and what it will take to do that.

We polish details and functions

  • 4What’s been only on paper so far will be used to create an interactive wireframe. The one you’ll be able to click through and try if the future website is easy to control and intuitive.
  • 5We’re interested in how you see the world and in your taste, and only then will we create a graphical design. Detailed enough and reflecting the assignment.
  • 6Third, we’ll prepare the documentation to define individual functions of the website. At the same time, the technical assignment shows how we can divide the project into several phases and implement them gradually.

We create the website

  • 7The coded templates are mostly deployed on the content management system and we tweak the responsive design. Wherever needed we customize it and take care of integration with other systems.
  • 8Now, it’s time for the content and we’ll see if our preparation was sufficient. Based on our agreement, we’ll add the content ourselves or we’ll train you to do it successfully all by yourselves.
  • 9We do some testing. First us, then it’s your turn. Finally, you can try and test everything in a real web environment.

The final phase!

  • 10We’ll show you how to work with the Kentico content management system and will make sure that you fully understand it and know how to work with the website. Before the launch we’ll confirm to each other that we have everything we agreed on at the beginning.
  • 11And it’s done! Once we redirect the URL addresses from the original website, set up the analytics and perform the final check, we’ll move the website on a real domain.
  • 12Launching the website is not the end of work for us, but only its beginning. We’ll be happy to help you implement new ideas and potential website updates.


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