We create websites 

And they say a lot about us as well

Most often, a brand website serves to promote the brand, build trust, and collect orders. At the introductory meeting with you, and later when talking to your customers, we’ll clarify this very quickly. And our working procedure, web design as well as content will be adjusted to the specific purpose of the website.  

Each of our projects aims to achieve different goals

Together we’ll find the optimum scope of your project

From the very beginning, together with the assignment, we try to define the minimum solution to launch and to further develop based on the previously agreed on plan. The Kentico platform enables us to design websites using various widgets. Thanks to these modules we can choose the order of the elements on the website as we like and they bring new options for website administration to advanced editors.

Price of a customized website depends mainly on the following:

Number of templates or widgets we’ll be working with
Use of the features
Number of language versions of the website

What the price doesn’t depend on, however, is the number of pages of the new website.

Our experienced IT team guarantees that the website will work as you expect

  • We’ll prepare forms customized to your needs Using several checkboxes, we’ll make the communication between you and your customers more effective. We’ll create a form to contact you, place an inquiry or make a booking to take care of everything you need.
  • We’ll design a website calculator We’re strong at maths, even on the internet. We can design and implement a calculator for any purpose to help users of your website do their calculating.
  • We’ll connect your website with social networks We’ll find an effective solution to present posts and reactions of your fans on your website. And those who come to your website will know perfectly well what’s going on in your business.
  • We’ll show you how to send out newsletters Is there something you’d like to tell your customers even outside of your website? We can add a newsletter subscription, create a template, and show you how to easily write and send out a message to any number of recipients.
  • We’ll create advanced filtering No matter whether there’s a catalogue of your products or a blog with various types of posts on your website, we’ll help users get to what they’re looking for faster using various filters.
  • We’ll code a configurator for your products Using a well-designed and customized tool, we’ll help you introduce your products to customers in all their versions, shades of colour, and sizes.

We don’t rest on our laurels after the launch

A website is a kind of living organism that needs to be taken care of and fed with content. We’ll help you develop it by starting a blog, launching a new language version, publishing news or whatever you wish.