The Kentico platform is about freedom 

Freedom for us as well as our clients

Our websites are built on the crucial Kentico CMS and EMS which we swear by during development. This commercial platform is continuously being developed and improved by 300 professionals from Kentico. We work with one of the most advanced solutions of its kind in the world, so we are proud to be a Kentico Gold Partner since 2011.

Our websites on the Kentico system in three different ways

All-in-one platform made of 3 crucial parts

A system for content management on the internet
E-commerce or a solution for doing business in online environments
Online marketing for promotion on the internet

Kentico is a tool we use to implement our solutions

  • We work with a third-party system And we like to build on it because it makes our clients absolutely independent of us. There are another 40 Kentico partners in the Czech Republic alone who can immediately take the website over and administer it.
  • We use a Czech product with a global reach It may seem unlikely but the Kentico system was developed by a Brno company, with the biggest revenues coming from the USA, UK, Australia, the Netherlands, and the Czech Republic. In total, Kentico products have been used in over 80 countries all over the world.
  • We develop websites using a modular system Kentico consists of a number of construction parts or modules from which it is relatively easy to build up an entire website. And more modules can be added to it anytime, such as an online shop, B2B zone, and language versions.
  • We’ll train you to use the editing environment The Kentico content management system (CMS) is adapted for various types of users who can set up their own language of control. As part of the handover of the website, we’ll train you to administer it and you can also use Kentico’s reliable 24/7 support.
  • We’ll recommend which type of Kentico licence to use Kentico is a licenced product with four versions – Free, Base, Ultimate, and EMS. 95% of our clients use the Base multi-licence. Their websites are located on our server and their monthly costs amount to hundreds of Czech crowns at most.
  • We’ll set up online marketing activities Another major benefit of the Kentico system is its sophisticated support of online marketing. The Base licence makes it possible to send out newsletters, while the EMS opens the door to content personalization, user tracking, and marketing automation.

With us your website has a bright future

Having launched the website, we are ready to further develop the solution beyond the scope of the original assignment using the Kentico platform. It’s never too late to develop new features to help your website grow.