We are passionate website creators

We are passionate website creators

The PUXdesign team already consists of more than 50 people, we work from Brno and have been creating websites for 18 years. We have all the specialists for creating websites and fulfilling other needs of our clients.

The great trio that stands behind our strategy and vision for the future

Tomáš Hložánek

Tomáš Hložánek

The face of the company

Typically, this is the first member of our team you’d meet. Tomas knows about anything that happens in PUX and is able to immediately come up with a solution. Tomas pushes the cooperation further and our clients know it. Just ask them.

Petr Kameník

Petr Kameník


Architecture and design stay in his heart forever – no wonder that he comes up with plenty of ideas of how our projects could look and work. He manages key projects and uses his actual experience and organizational skills.

Petr Dvořák

Petr Dvořák

IT guru

The right man behind all this, pulling strings during development and designing advanced solutions for our clients. He’s been passing his experience on to other colleagues who themselves call him the guru, which says a lot about him.

5 teams of developers

Wolves, Lambs, Foxes, Bears and Lions at your service. Our tailor-made websites are based on the work of frontend and backend programmers. Thanks to them, the architect, consultant and tester are fully competent to deliver the entire project.

UX, webdesign and content specialists

Thanks to them, our design work is really visible. Every creative person has his/her own specialization. Two people focus on UX and webdesign, another two colleagues have logo, corporate identity and printed materials (DTP) in hand.

Content creators

A copywriter works with the clients' ideas to visualize their needs. A photographer, video maker, or animator helps us with other web content.

Helpdesk & support

We have been taking care of the operation and development of the delivered solutions for a long time. We have our own team of people who solve all your requirements via phone or e-mail.

We choose our own path

In 2004, we were a small graphic studio. The decision to make proper websites changed our lives in 2010. Since then, we have been growing like a weed and have managed to create more than 400 websites, e-shops and customer portals. Take a look at our important milestones.

2004 – 2008

Petr Kameník founds a small graphic studio, which primarily consists of promotional materials. Later, with another colleague, he creates the first websites on their own content management system. This whole period ends with a two-year break caused by the participation of Petr Kameník in the creation of a clockwork better known as the Brno Astronomical Clock.

LocationStone Quarter in Brno
Employees1 to 2
Turnoverhundreds of thousands crowns a year
ClientsPUXtravel, TERM
2010 – 2012

There are more of us within the team. We choose the Kentico CMS platform for web development and focus on web and e-commerce applications. In 2011, we became a Kentico Gold Partner and met the first large clients.

LocationJaselská 11
Employees3 to 4
Turnover5 milion Kč (in 2012)
ClientsPUXtravel, TERM
2013 – 2017

We started a cooperation with the first foreign client from the Netherlands. Since then, we have been able to work with clients from Switzerland, Germany, Canada, the USA, Italy, Austria and Slovakia. For the first time, we are approached by Cleverlance, the largest Czech company focused on IT development. This launched a phase of work on a robust portal for 20 Konica Minolta European branches.

LocationMasná 34
Employees20 full-time employees and one dog
Turnover23 milion Kč (in 2017)
ClientsDHL Freight, Pneuboss, Heineken ČR, Konica Minolta, ZFP Group, Škoda auto
2018 – 2022

PUXdesign grows in all directions. We form small teams within the company for better work organization. At the same time, we are going through an agile transformation and use SCRUM elements. We work on projects exceeding 1.000 development hours and are invited to tender for the largest players in the field of energy or banking.

LocationKřenová 69
Employees40 full-time employees
Turnover52 milion Kč (in 2021)
ClientsKomerční banka, Raiffeisen Leasing, Sencor, Agrotec, Bisaku, Carrolinum, Swardman, ZKL, Sigma, Shanti, Easy Software, Axiory
2023 – present

We are still growing. There are already more than fifty of us together. Thanks to this, we manage to create even the largest customer portals you can imagine. And because with such a number, we were already cramped in the offices on Křenová, so we moved. Nowhere far - practically just around the corner, on Čechyňská street. And we also have big news in the direction field. PUXdesign becomes part of the BIQ group.

LocationČechyňská 5
Employees55+ employees
ClientsCarollinum, Idea StatiCa, Komerční banka, Comfor, DF Partner, Niveko, George Fischer Piping Systems, ZFP Group

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