We are passionate website developers

In 2004, we were a small graphical studio which later got even smaller. The decision to design websites – and to do it thoroughly – changed our lives in 2010, and we’ve been growing like a weed ever since, creating almost 300 websites and extending the team which could now form two football teams to play against each other.

Tomáš Hložánek

The face of the company
Typically, this is the first member of our team you’d meet. Tom knows about everything we do in PUX which means he can immediately come up with a solution for you. A workhorse who pushes the cooperation further and our clients know it. Just ask them.
+420 776 104 789

Project managers

The project managers are our liaison officers who are the only ones to know everything about each project. They’ll guide you through the whole cooperation process and – if needed – put you in touch with design, website development, or content specialists.

Helpdesk & support

Your requests don’t get stuck here… ever. We have our own team to resolve most of your questions via phone or e-mail, and the remaining ones will be forwarded to the manager of the project in question.

Petr Kameník

Petr gives every impression of an architect and designer. He enjoys coming up with ideas as to how our designs could look and work. Lately, he’s been in charge of key projects more often and that’s where he makes use of his factual experience and organization skills.
+420 777 789 190

Creative artists

These guys make our design work visible. The creative artists at Puxdesign do a wide range of activities, from web design and UX architecture to design of logos or entire CIs and even printed materials. A copywriter cooperates with them on the visualization of our clients’ ideas, providing them with ammunition to create the content. 

Petr Dvořák

IT guru
The right man behind all this, pulling strings during development and designing advanced solutions for our clients. He’s been passing his experience on to other colleagues who themselves call him the guru, which says a lot about him.

Web developers

Our ability to provide websites customized to our clients’ needs relies heavily on the work of frontend as well as backend programmers. Each of the developers further specializes in additional areas, so we never run out of new results. Merging high-tech development solutions with advanced graphics is what distinguishes us from our competitors.


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